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Hello and welcome to WriteASongForMe.com. Have you ever wanted to write a song for a loved one, friend, or favorite nemesis but just didn’t have the musical know how? Well at WriteASongForMe.com we can do just that.

This website is basically the materialization of an idea my friend and I have been selling locally to friends for a long time now. The idea is pretty simple, we write a song for you based on your specifications for $25. Right now we are accepting applications for commissioning songs. It costs you nothing to apply. After reviewing your application we will notify you if we either decline or accept your submission. We may decline submissions do to time constraints so if your application is not accepted please do not take it personally. If your submittal is accepted we will email a "Terms and Conditions" form to you. You will need to sign this form and mail it and a deposit of $5 to WriteASongForMe 543 Benforest Drive Severna Park MD 21146. We require the $5 deposit and signed "Terms and Conditions" form before we can begin any song's production. An email is sent to you once your song is complete. We will then need to receive the $20 balance of your payment prior to us emailing your song to you. The Application Form below can be used to send us an application. We will be taking applications now but probably won’t get started until the summer of this year (late May, early June 2006). On this site you will also find bios of the composer/performers and samples of our previous work to give you a better idea of what your song may sound like.

The first step is to file an application.

If you are interested go to the click on the application link and feel free to look at the bios and samples of our previous work. Links: Application Bios Samples

Application Form:

Preferred Style:
(Style of music you prefer for the song, Blues? Rock? Lullaby?, etc.)

Lyrics Theme:
Type below information about the theme you'd like expressed in a song. If you have suggestions for lyrics, please include them here so we may take them into consideration during our composition. The more details provided help guide the song's creation and ultimately it's special meaning.

Press [Send Application] to email us your application:

Here's what you receive for your payment:

1) The right to play this song at personal private functions.
2) The right to make personal copies of this song provided they are not for resale.
3) Your choice of either mp3 or wave formatted versions of your song emailed to you as attached files.
4) The first attached file contains both vocals and instrumental accompaniment.
5) The second attached file contains only the musical accompaniment so that you may sing along with it karaoke style.
6) The third attached text file contains the written lyrics to your song.

Terms and Conditions:

No song commision is accepted until this signed "Terms and Conditions" form is received along with a $5 deposit (checks only).

Please read the following rules, sign the bottom and mail to:

543 Benforest Drive
Severna Park MD 21146

1) Filing this application does not guarantee that a song is commissioned. The artists at WriteASongForMe.com reserve the right to accept or deny any application they receive. If an application is denied, the $5 deposit check is voided and returned to the applicant's return address.
2) We must receive the $20 balance of your payment before a commissioned song is emailed to you.
3) No last names maybe used in the lyrics of a song written by WriteASongForMe.com
4) Songs written by WriteASongForMe.com may not be sold or used for commercial use of any kind.
5) Songs written by WriteASongForMe.com may not be played in any sort of commercial setting.
6) Songs written by WriteASongForMe.com may be copied for personal use provided they are not for resale.
7) Refund Policy:
There are no refunds for commissioned songs. We realize that an artist's vision and rendition may not live up to an applicant's expectations. This is why we strongly suggest you listen to the song samples provided at the WriteASongForMe.com web site before submitting this application.

I _____________________________ agree to the WriteASongForMe.com rules described above and would like a song commissioned under these conditions. I understand that any violation by me to this aggreement could warrent legal action.


Buddy Pease-
Buddy Pease is a graduate of Baltimore school of the arts and is currently a student at SUNY Purchase. He was vocally trained by Helen Strine at Peabody Preparatory Department of Peabody Conservatory for 4 years. He received both, Honorable Mention, Arts Recognition and Talent Search National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts and “Most Outstanding Vocalist,” at the Orlando Florida Festival of Music in Disney World, May 2001.He also received a Peabody Prep Honors Certificate after his four years of training there. He also joined the United States Youth Ensemble for there European Tour in 2004. Buddy’s favorite music experience was when he preformed with back home with his band “Jack Flash”.

Adam Schaechtel-

Sample Songs:
Brown Eyes
Kelsey's Anus
Heart Piece Blues